Social Media Iqunite

In effect, First Inviters are investing in iQUnite social media.
There are 50 programmers working away at creating the iQUnite platform and we, the First Inviters, are paying the overheads.

This is why I’ve decided to work with this opportunity, because it benefits the users with rewards! We will grow over the next few years.. and as we grow, so does the profit sharing!

The new social media IQ

What if a huge portion of those profits and advertising dollars went to the users? That’s what’s happening with IQ Unite!

social iquniteFacebook and other social sites, profit off of its users, creating multi-billionaire stock-holders within their companies.
When iQUnite goes public, we, the First Inviters, will begin to receive a long-term passive income from our investment. It takes about 5 years to monetise a social media platform. Well, that is EXACTLY the Opportunity you are being presented with IQ Konnect.
iQUnite aims to be fully operational within its 5 year plan, with First Inviters beginning to reach their full income potential by then. The more First Inviters that we introduce, the bigger our long-term passive income will be.

Make sure that you get in as soon as the doors open by clicking on the mail to link below and sending an empty email with “invite me” in the subject line. Our new iQUnite Platform makes me glad that I am an iQUniter. On this Unlimited Network webpage you’ll learn how to set-up your profile in the easiest and best way and how to learn to enjoy its features of this social media.

  1. iQunite is an opportunity, benefit from it.
  2. iQunite is a dream, realize it.
  3. iQunite is beauty, admire it, but you need an invitation to join iqunite.

When “free members” begin to see their earnings, they will naturally gravitate to upgrade to “Brand Partner” so that they can monetize even more and connect more people.

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